About Jack & Becky Gloriod

To see Jack & Becky Gloriod on the tennis court is a highly effective method of quickly learning about their personalities. Despite being married more than 40 years, you won’t find these two on the same side of the net. They’d much prefer the challenge of trying to win each point, each game and each match, and along the way neither of them gives an inch. In fact, their competitive nature is just one of the reasons they’ve made such an effective couple all these years.

Driven to Succeed

For many years, Jack’s role as a high-ranking U.S. military officer kept this dynamic couple on the move and spanning the globe, from Florida to Oklahoma to Chile to Italy to Germany to here in Colorado Springs. Along the way, Becky’s determined personality and master’s degree were put to good use in a variety of roles, despite the fact she never really needed to work. She was a schoolteacher, public relations practitioner and even served as Colin Powell’s speechwriter while stationed in Germany.

Jack is a West Point graduate who holds two master’s degrees and held countless leadership positions throughout his distinguished military career. When he retired in 1995, he was Commander of an artillery brigade. He and Becky had their first date shortly before he was dispatched to Vietnam and they kept in touch during his service there. Upon his return, they soon realized they were destined to be together and married in a matter of months.

A Common Bond

Of all the places they lived throughout Jack’s career, only Colorado Springs truly felt like home. They loved it here and knew they’d return for good one day. Bolstered by their shared passion for the area, Becky earned her real estate license in 1990 and Jack joined her in 1995. Ever since, they’ve been building an impeccable reputation for providing a superior level of service to their valued clientele. When you put Jack & Becky on your side, that same competitive nature so evident on the tennis court becomes your ally en route to achieving your real estate goals. Quite simply, they won’t give up until they see the smile of satisfaction on your face.

Jack & Becky pride themselves on their accessibility, meaning the only times they don’t answer their phones is in church or if their beloved Broncos are playing. They excel at marketing homes to help sellers achieve maximum return on investment, and they strive to help buyers and sellers alike make the most of their real estate opportunities.

Passion for Excellence

No matter what they’re doing, from past careers to the present day, Jack & Becky Gloriod always strive for excellence. With an investment as important as your home, wouldn’t you feel better knowing you have a Passion for Excellence on your side? To make the most of your next move, call The Becky Gloriod Partners today.